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ACCF Staff and Volunteers


James M. Cutright
Executive Director/CEO
(in Office: Monday-Friday)

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Kristin Aspin
Chief Program Officer

(in Office: Tuesday and Thursday)
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Brittaney Reep
Chief Financial Officer
(in Office: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday)

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Lanie Hartge
Educational Programs Director
(in Office: Mornings only Monday-Friday)

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Mindy Howman
Executive/Grants Administrative Assistant
(in Office: Tuesday-Friday)

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ACCF Staff

Volunteer Support

The volunteer program at ACCF engages individuals in a variety of ways. Should you be interested in volunteering for the Foundation; please click here to print and complete the Volunteer Form. Return the completed form via US Mail or in person.

Committee Descriptions and Information.



Shirley Austen
Jim Barger
Kathy Barger
Chris Box
Sherry Bryant
Mindy Clever
Kelly Cooke
Gary Courtright
Lynette Cross
Melanie Deibler
Harriett Dickinson
Cindy Edwards
Denny Edwards
Pat Edwards
Sara Garska
Carl Gerbasi
Cheryl Given
Melinda Haag
Gene Haberman
Penny Hamilton
Margaret Ann Hess
Liz Hosfeld
Cindy Kerr
Peg Kerr
Kristi Kirtland
Gabe Kral
Marty Kral
Tonya Kral
Joyce Lingenfelter
Jean Lonsinger
Connie Marble
Tami Markel
Becky McFarlin
Melanie Miller
Nancy Noble
Pat Perez
Carol Rogers
Mandi Ross
Sandy Sexton
Steve Sloan
Paige Squires
Keara Stillwell
Dorothy Stitzlein
Cathy Stoffer
Peg Stover
Ann Stump
Helen Taylor
Hayley Tracy-Bursley
Jody Watson
Susie Whitted
Dan Wierbiki
Danette Young
Janie Zeger

* deceased



Advisory Committee Members

Allan Andersen, Advancement Committee
John Ballinger, Scholarship Committee
Mike Bandy, Development Committee
Aaron Bates, Hess Loan Committee
Keith Boales, Community Grants Review Committee
Dr. W. S. Brechbuhler, Grants Committee
William Buckingham, Development Committee
Suzanne Carruthers, Grants Committee
Kathy Conery, Women's Fund Committee
Nancy Davis, Development Committee
Julie Guenther, Women's Fund Committee
Ed Haudenschild, Development Committee
Shirley Haudenschild, Women's Fund Commitee
Margaret Ann Hess, IMPACT Youth Council
Robert C. Ingmand, Development Committee
Kay Kick, Women's Fund Committee
Marty Kral, Mini-Grants Committee
Barbie Lange, Women's Fund Committee
Connie Marble, Women's Fund Committee
Dwight McElfresh, Mini-Grants Committee
Norma McKinley*, Women's Fund Committee
Debbie McNaull, Mini-Grants Committee
Sheila Milligan, Women's Fund Committee
Patrick Noser, Hess Loan Fund
Jennifer Oliver, Women's Fund Committee
Joy Reep, Women's Fund Committee
Rev. Dr. Donald Rinehart*, Hess Loan Fund Committee
Jan Rinehart, Mini-Grants Committee
Denee Schlotterer, Mini-Grants Committee
Susan Shafer, Advancement Committee
Annette Shaw, Women's Fund Committee
Helen Taylor, Mini-Grants Committee
Jane Taylor, Scholarship Committee, Women's Fund Committee
Ginny Telego, IMPACT Youth Council, Women's Fund Committee
Becky Thoma, Hess Loan Fund Committee
Rob Wally, Advancement Committee
Sally Warbel, Mini-Grants Committee
Dr. JoAnn Ford Watson, Women's Fund Committee 
Dr. Julia Wright, Women's Fund Committee

* deceased



What Does ACCF Do?

Encourages Philanthropy

As a Donor Agent
Assures that a donor's wishes are carried out.

As a Grant Provider
Administers funds to those with needs.

As a Community Player
Is fully engaged in Ashland County's future.